CRM as a Solution for Sales Growth

Having implemented hosted Sage CRM 7.1 with a number of customers throughout 2012 we feel that this solution is now well placed for the current business climate.

We will be focussing on product rollout to new clients starting early 2013 and would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your own business issues and demonstrate how CRM can improve sales management and prospect pipeline.


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The three exciting areas for our clients are :-

Effective Sales & Prospect Management    

All account information at everyone's fingertips
  - Complaints, Prospects, Leads, Opportunities.

  - Documents, Incoming and Outgoing Emails


Role based real time dashboards

Workflows guide users through processes

Actions driven by follow up dates

Simple task and meeting allocations

All integrated with Microsoft Outlook

Quickly customised to suit individual business

All business are different - that is their strength


Exploit Capabilities of Mobile Devices.

Live information on the move

  Sage CRM is Mobile ! 

         See the facts for yourself

-By 2016 65% of the mobile workforce will use a smartphone

-By the end of 2014 20% of all businesses will use tablets

-By 2018 this will rise to 70%

Mobile Workforce : Key Features 

Real-time customer information.
Access all documents
Update contacts 
Manage Complaints, Opportunities and Leads live
Click to Dial from contacts - logs call to customer
View and run reports on the move.


Marketing Campaigns
and integrated E-Marketing


Powerful campaign management tool
Measure the return on your marketing investments


Create, track and manage campaigns dynamically

Exhibitions, Mailshots, Emailshots, Advertising etc

Target existing customers, or new prospects

Rapid creation of groups

90 attention grabbing email templates

Automated drip delivery

Open, click and bounce rate tracking

Integrated Tele-Sales follow up

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