CRM to suit today's environment


  • Volumes down.
  • Harder to defend position from competition
  • Push for new business.
  • Expansion into new products, markets and geographies.


Businesses Requirements in Recession

  • Sales, marketing, business dev'mt teams must collaborate.
  • Marketing initiatives need to be market/product focussed.
  • Structured and effective follow up of marketing initiatives.
  • Fully Managed Prospects / Pipelines.
  • Optimise Prospect conversion time to beat the competition.
  • Plus Current Customer Base still needs to be nurtured.

All this must be done with less resource and at lower cost.

 CRM - Customer Relationship Management.
Sales growth enabling software tool - vital in challenging economic times.


IPx10 Sage CRM can work with you to provide an intuitive hosted solution with rapid implementation, and above all one tailored to fit your business.

Make it easy for your customers to Buy

Make it easy for you to manage the Sell
CRM is the tool.


Hosted Solution.

Intuitive with rapid implementation


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